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Articles, reports, magazines – find publications and downloads on advanced manufacturing in the U.S.
  • Pictures of the Future

    Pictures of the Future: Solutions for tomorrow’s world

    Advanced manufacturing and maximized production efficiency are two key topics in the spring 2013 edition of Pictures of the Future. Advanced manufacturing refers to the next generation of production planning and production engineering processes, based on a smart combination of manufacturing software with sensors, processors, and communications technology, to link the digital, virtual, and real worlds of production. The goal is to use information technology to seamlessly link the value chain all the way from product design, production planning and production engineering to the actual production process, maintenance, and service. Siemens will be an important pioneer in these flexible and efficient production processes, thanks to its leadership in integrated automation technology and related manufacturing software solutions in areas such as product lifecycle management.

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  • Industry Journal: Competencies for the future of manufacturing

    Industry Journal: Competencies for the future of manufacturing

    One important factor of the American manufacturing renaissance is the technological development that increases production efficiency. This issue of the Industry Journal sheds some light on competencies essential for advanced manufacturing.

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  • Production efficiency – with Totally Integrated Automation

    Siemens TIA Brochure

    Totally Integrated Automation offers a wealth of advantages over the entire production life cycle. Siemens offers a broad range of efficient production solutions to ensure lower costs and increased efficiency.

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  • Siemens PLM Software

    Siemens PLM Software

    Siemens offers U.S. manufacturing product lifecycle management from concept ideation to retirement – with its PLM Software. The automation software helps to enhance product performance and manage complexity.

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  • Siemens Energy Efficiency Brochure

    Energy-efficient production

    The new Siemens Energy Efficiency Brochure shows how energy can be transformed from cost factor to success factor, and how customers can invest in complete energy-efficient production concepts and energy management systems in order to profit from advanced manufacturing.

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    SIMATIC IT Production Suite

    With SIMATIC IT, Siemens is broadening the scope of advanced manufacturing systems. Production planning solutions must be based on strong technology, compatible with the enterprise’s IT infrastructure, and it must remain flexible and scalable at the same time.

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  • COMOS Plant Manager

    COMOS: Manufacturing software for production engineering.

    The manufacturing software COMOS helps our customers along the production chain, from integrated production engineering to integrated operations. It provides them with a continuous flow of data that meet their specific needs across all project phases.

    COMOS Plant Manager
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