Advanced manufacturing

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Advanced manufacturing

With integrated IT solutions and manufacturing software, Siemens is supporting industry across the U.S. to optimize manufacturing operations, enhancing competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Solutions such as Siemens PLM Software allow companies to manage a product’s entire lifecycle efficiently and cost-effectively, from conception, design and production, through to service and disposal. The product line includes NX and Tecnomatix, both of which use digital manufacturing solutions to connect manufacturing disciplines and to enhance efficiency. Other digital manufacturing solutions from Siemens include Siemens’ modular Manufacturing Execution Systems, the TIA Portal and COMOS, all of which can reduce engineering time, increase production and simplify processes, helping to maximize return and protect investments.

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Siemens PLM Software helps companies to optimize lifecycle processes.

With the merging of virtual and real production worlds in advanced manufacturing, software is the key factor for success. Information technology and software from Siemens enables companies to create digital enterprises that allow seamless integration between product design, production planning, production engineering, production execution and product support. It helps companies make smarter decisions and deliver better products, thus creating a competitive advantage for U.S. enterprises.