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Articles, brochures, magazines about digitalization in the US.
Network security

Network security

To ensure corporate success, it is crucial that existing expertise is protected efficiently and on a sustained basis. In addition, unauthorized access to automation processes must be avoided from the very beginning, to prevent interruptions in the production process – this is the only way to ensure system integrity. Another important issue is reliable protection against sabotage – in other words, the prevention of faults in production processes such as plant standstills resulting from a virus.

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  • Software as success factor

    Industry Journal: Software as success factor

    Software solutions are becoming the most important driver of industrial growth. The automation sector is facing an IT revolution where the primary goal is to connect machines, people, and departments.

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  • Virtual Power Plants

    Virtual Power Plants

    Virtual power plants bundle distributed energy resources together as one central entity, to ensure regulated energy supplies and economical benefits.

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  • Total Building Solutions

    Total Building Solutions

    Building automation, fire safety, security, lighting and low-voltage power distribution are all at at work in every modern building. Total Building Solutions from Siemens ensures seamless, integrated IT solutions to help maximize energy efficiency.

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