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Energy Resiliency

Resilient cities are able to adapt to natural disasters, while remaining economically and environmentally sustainable.

A reliable and constant supply of energy, water, sanitation and other vital resources are an essential requirement for cities to remain competitive in a world with increasing urban populations. Flash floods, blizzards, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes all have the potential to cause outages and damage infrastructure.

In recent history, Hurricane Sandy caused around $50 billion worth of damage and left hundreds of thousands of residence without power in New York City alone.

Making Cities More Liveable

The damages caused by Hurricane Sandy highlighted the need for increased resiliency. Along with consulting firm Arup and the Regional Plan Association, Siemens developed a study focused on investments in resilient infrastructure, and the long-term benefits that could be achieved. The report demonstrated that resilient infrastructures were not only enhancing quality of life and increasing a city’s resistance to vulnerabilities, they were helping cities become more cost-effective, reliable and energy-efficient.

  • In Texas, Oncor partnered with Siemens to develop a smart grid to protect the state’s electrical grid against extreme weather. The smart grid technology provides real-time, systematic, detailed and intelligently streamed information, allowing operators to manage and prioritize decisions and provide citizens with a reliable, uninterrupted power supply.
  • A reliable power supply is essential for businesses – a single day without power in New York can cost the city $1 billion. Siemens is helping to ensure a constant supply of electricity in the megacity, thanks to its low-loss HVDC technology.
  • The Hudson Project connects New Jersey’s and New York’s power supplies, helping to meet New York City’s continuously increasing power demand.
  • In Hawaii, Siemens has helped increase power reliability with a cost-effective smart grid solution, providing high-load distribution circuits to East Oahu to reduce outage durations.


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