Industrial productivity

Accelerate innovation and conquer complexity in manufacturing.

Innovation and productivity in manufacturing today means getting a million things right - making fast, accurate and system-wide decisions.

The intelligent use of software, data and automation technology can create advantages such as lower costs and faster time-to-market.

Siemens answers are helping companies drive innovation and productivity with industrial automation technology and PLM software.

How software helps

Production companies are facing greater challenges than ever: New, top-quality products must be launched in global markets in ever-shorter cycles and at attractive prices. This can only be achieved using highly efficient product lifecycle management (PLM) like Teamcenter and NX software.

Turning virtual into real and skeptics into believers

Siemens is helping leading companies explore new places in new ways. The engineers at SpaceX knew that successfully launching a rocket was contingent on millions of things going right. Just a single error could impact the entire mission to the International Space Station. To help solve this challenge, they turned to Siemens industry software. This played a critical role in enabling the SpaceX team to design and test products virtually before constructing them physically — optimizing the chances of a successful launch. Siemens industry software helps innovative companies increase productivity, improve accuracy and significantly reduce costs.

Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, is one of many companies using Siemens PLM Software’s NX application. As a recent example, the software helped ensure that all components of NASA’s new Mars rover “Curiosity” would fit together, operate properly and withstand whatever environment its mission requires.

Seamless processes from product design to production

PLM enables companies to manage a product’s entire lifecycle – from its conception all the way to its retirement. The technical foundation of PLM is built on software that stores all information in a central database. Seamless interaction between product development and product manufacturing is a crucial factor for success, and so the focus is increasingly shifting to two areas: the digital factory and digital engineering.

Software tool closes the final gap

To an increasing extent, productivity management is optimized in the digital factory, which is a virtual image of the real factory and can be used to simulate production processes and optimize workflows. Implementation of real production is based on this planning platform. In the past, the PLM world was not fully linked to the world of production automation. SIMATIC Automation Designer closes this gap.

It combines data from the digital factory with additional production information – for example, from the actual automation solution in use. The software creates the foundation of digital engineering and facilitates the seamless implementation of the digital factory as a real production facility.

In addition, SIMATIC Automation Designer links Siemens’ unique Totally Integrated Automation architecture with PLM software.

IT solution: SIMATIC Automation Designer

SIMATIC Automation Designer links production planning with the automation solution

PLM software

Tools like the world's most widely used PLM software Teamcenter support customers through each step of the process: for example, by creating a product design that meets customer requirements, through efficient product data management, and through virtual factory planning and commissioning. NX software as another important Siemens PLM tool, delivers a complete set of flexible shape creation, manipulation, and analysis tools and is an integrated part of a complete digital product development solution. PLM software is already leading to a significantly shorter development cycle and time-to-market.

PLM is primarily used by multinational companies in the aerospace, automotive, machine tool, high tech, and electronics industries. Aero engine original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have used Siemens PLM systems to reduce their core engineering development cycle from 60 to 42 months – and in some instances to 24 months. After implementing our PLM software solutions, one major aerospace OEM increased its revenue by 32.6 percent. Utilization of PLM is increasing in other industries as well.

Increasing productivity with automation technology

Industrial automation products and systems open up previously untapped opportunities for optimization. They increase efficiency by improving the flow of information and by optimizing automation processes. The open system architecture Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) makes it possible to implement customer-specific automation solutions in all vertical markets. The six core system characteristics – engineering, communication, diagnostics, safety, security, and robustness – facilitate seamless interaction between individual products.

With its TIA Portal – an integrated engineering framework designed for efficiency, intuitive operation, and future viability – Siemens has redefined engineering. It allows customers to optimize the design of planning and production processes related to automation and drive technology from a single screen and along the entire value chain. This groundbreaking innovation increases both industrial productivity and competitive advantage.

Siemens TIA Portal

Engineering with the TIA Portal allows people to work more efficiently.

Factory and process automation

SIMATIC Controllers and their counterpart for the process industry – the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system – play a key role in the TIA product spectrum. Both systems link information captured by sensors which are connected through industrial networks like Profibus and PROFINET and control industrial production. SIMATIC enables system-wide energy management for efficient energy use. Mercedes Benz used SIMATIC systems in combination with PROFIenergy technology to reduce energy cost during non-productive periods by 75 percent.

Siemens automation and IT solutions are scalable and can be customized to specific requirements very quickly and cost-effectively. Since these solutions can be upgraded at any time, customers know that their investments are fully protected. They benefit from the long-term availability of components and the ability to migrate seamlessly to new technologies. Even system requirements like safety and security can be easily expanded. Automation components from other suppliers can be integrated through standardized interfaces.

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Siemens Totally Integrated Automation

Controllers for machine tools and production machines

Siemens’ integrated CNC platform SINUMERIK and its SIMOTION motion control system are designed for computer numerical control (CNC) of machine tools and production machines in many sectors. Their integrated logic and technology functions reflect the increasing use of mechatronics in mechanical engineering and optimize the interplay between mechanics, electronics, and information technology.

The SGT6-5000F gas turbine is being processed on a tooling machine controlled by a SINUMERIK.

Modern Siemens gas turbines like the SGT6-5000F are produced at the new large CCGT plant in Charlotte, USA.

Industrial identification

Industrial identification solutions are poised to play a significantly larger role in industrial environments. A comprehensive portfolio of radio-frequency identification (RFID) and code reading systems is available with the machine-readable, automated and touchless identification system SIMATIC Ident. Especially in areas where quality must be ensured and absolute traceability is essential (tracking and tracing), the transparency that results from the use of RFID technology helps to continuously optimize production processes, comply with government regulations and standards, and maximize quality for end consumers.

Industrial services for greater productivity, flexibility, and reliability

Whether in the manufacturing or process industry, tailored service solutions are becoming an increasingly critical factor for ensuring success in today’s business climate of rising cost pressures, climbing energy prices, and increasingly stringent laws and environmental regulations.

Siemens offers technology-based services that will help you make the most of your equipment and resources throughout the entire lifecycle of your operations and in ever-changing market and economic conditions. With our experience and capabilities, we will help you optimize your plant and resources for more uptime, helping you gain a greater competitive advantage.

Safeguarding investments

As your trusted service partner, we will support you with a high level of industry and technology expertise coupled with tailored, proactive services – so you can focus on your core competencies and safeguard your investments.

Siemens offers services for the products, systems, and applications in each phase of your plant’s lifecycle, from technical consulting for production planning to assembly, commissioning, maintenance, and upgrades. With greater productivity, better efficiency, and smarter use of resources, your plant can do more – with less downtime and lower overall costs.

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See how our service experts across the country are helping customers increase the productivity, flexibility, and reliability of their operations.

Managing energy and resources

Energy management is an especially important challenge for industrial companies today. Using energy efficiently and saving resources creates many benefits for both the global environment and your company.

Siemens offers integrated service solutions that tap all of the technical and organizational potential for successful environmental management. Our experts can help you develop and implement systematic solutions for energy and environmental management, enabling maximum energy efficiency and optimized water use throughout your operation. Satisfying today’s demands for high machine and plant availability requires around-the-clock service, 365 days a year.

With online support, Siemens offers you the comprehensive information and communication platform for service and support you need 24/7, and helps you in selecting and using products. You can find answers to questions either with the help of FAQs, through exchanging information in the Technical Forum, or by asking Siemens experts in Technical Support.

You also can access the content you need with our mobile app. Using this convenient tool, you can scan product codes to pull up product information and manuals or submit support requests directly from your smartphone or tablet.

With Siemens industrial services, you can meet your specific needs with tailored service solutions for the lifecycle of your plant. From planning and modernization to engineering support, Siemens experts can keep your operations up and running, helping you achieve maximum productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

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