Santa's Factory

Santa’s Factory: A Production Miracle. Re-Imagined

On any given day, the North Pole is buzzing with energy. Millions of toys are made. Reams of data feed “naughty or nice” prediction engines. Thousands of cocoa breaks are scheduled.
Santa’s iconic factory could not sustain the efficiency needed to deliver smiles around the world by magic alone. This production miracle needed a technology makeover. We were happy to help.

Machines Play Nice Together

Santa pretty much has a sixth sense when it comes to children being on the naughty list (his new predictive data algorithms confirm this).

But factory equipment can be trickier to figure out, unless of course you deploy networked sensors, programmable logic and build real time visibility into your control plane.

Santa chose Siemens Digital Enterprise Software Suite to give his production engineers this sixth sense that helps his factory machines play nice together.

Now all the engineers are smiling.

Getting Fickle on the Fly

Over the past forty years, Santa tried feverishly to fit fashion-forward fads into a somewhat inflexible factory framework. Say that five time fast!

What he needed was a way to do “fickle on the fly” and make production changes with great speed. Choosing Siemens TIA Portal made terrific sense.

Santa’s team of production elves quickly reconfigure and remap production inputs and workflow to produce toys with much more “street cred”.

Kids are happy. Parents are happy. Talk about a smile accelerator.

Reindeer Inspired. Software Tested.

Santa’s logistics plans are three parts engineering brilliance and one part magic. To say speed is a key ingredient would be an understatement.

His engineers decided to tackle the speed problem with Santa’s sleigh. Code named “Project Dasher” they used Siemens PLM Software to rapidly prototype hundreds of variations in design and materials.

The buzz around the cocoa fountain is that the Dasher F-type will crank out 6,000 horsepower. The reindeer are understandably concerned.

Santa is grinning from ear to ear.

A Gift for Mankind

Mother Nature has been a long time supporter of Santa. Who could forget that famous agreement to let it snow in Southtown in the early 1970’s?

The Klaus family has been busy paying that moment forward by meeting the North Pole’s energy growth needs more sustainably.

Along with in-factory energy reduction strategies, such as variable frequency drives, a small array of Siemens Wind Turbines will generate 15 Megawatts of clean energy for Santa’s Factory this year.

Sustainable smiles are a present for all of mankind.