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Tackling the Big Data Challenge

Today, everything is based on data – and data centers must deliver speed and scalability to successfully serve as the backbone of entire industries, the factories of the 21st century. Learn how global data center player Digital Realty, together with Siemens, grew their colocation site network by scaling to meet customer needs at unrivaled speeds.


Masters of Rapid Deployment

How can you deploy even faster and improve scalability? To achieve both, Digital Realty, one of the world’s leading data center solutions providers, partnered with Siemens and JDC Power Systems, Inc. to develop scalable, cost-efficient and faster ways to implement a data center solution from concept to execution in some of the industry’s most innovative ways. Based on designs by JDC, Siemens delivers the complete power distribution equipment for fully pre-assembled electrical rooms, as well as fire safety and lifecycle services. This is how Digital Realty became the leader in rapid deployment. Steve Kundich, Senior Vice President of Global Design, explains Digital Realty’s approach to data center success.

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During our successful collaboration with Siemens over the past few years, we cut down our typical deployment time from 179 to around 80 days.

What is your company’s core business and its main challenges?

Digital Realty is building a data center ecosystem around the globe. We are located in San Francisco, USA, which is a very important location for us. Having access to data centers and global connectivity is key to the growth and innovation of companies located here in Silicon Valley.

The main challenges we face involve providing cost-effective and scalable solutions. This is at the core of our availability to rapidly deploy data centers here and worldwide. Siemens helps us innovate and meet these challenges.

How do you stay at the forefront of the rapidly developing data center market?

The data center business is changing in a number of ways. Customers demand increased energy efficiency, and scalable solutions are even more important: Being able to deliver different levels of resiliency and kilowatt capacity in a just-in-time fashion are major priorities for our customers. They are looking for a suite of solutions ranging from a dedicated data center space and colocation services to interconnected facilities. We’re really masters of rapid deployment in the design, procurement and delivery of data centers. And we offer innovative solutions to continue to push energy efficiency, reliability and industry-leading uptime for our customers.

How does Siemens support you in being a leading provider in the market?

Siemens really has a lot of engineering expertise to support Digital Realty, and contributes a phenomenal amount of talent to our shared projects. During our successful collaboration over the past few years, we cut down our typical deployment time from 179 to around 80 days. This really sets the pace and is even a record in the industry. Digital Realty, JDC and Siemens will have a number of opportunities in the future as we expand our footprint across the globe. The thought leadership that we can all bring to bear in our core areas of expertise is really powerful to help each of us progress and keep our customers satisfied.

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Digital Realty is not the only provider dealing with challenging customer demands. The data center industry is growing – and so are the needs of their customers.


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Working on Future Clouds

A typical workday at Siemens is anything but typical. Our employees manage a variety of challenges – which is why we train and develop them. It is just as important that everyone enjoys communicating and interacting with customers. In the end, however, the most valuable skill everyone shares is team spirit. Meet Greg, Matt and Prateek, who work on the data centers of the future.


A Home for the Cloud

Digital Realty optimizes its data centers for scalability, energy efficiency, reliability and maximum uptime to meet customer demands. Siemens contributes its vast expertise and comprehensive solutions and services to help meet these requirements: Our experts teamed up to help Digital Realty manage the infrastructure of their data centers with integrated medium- and low-voltage power distribution solutions, as well as fire safety and lifecycle services.

Medium-voltage power distribution

Siemens’ medium-voltage switchgear distributes electrical power to low-voltage systems located inside the data center. The medium-voltage, air-insulated outdoor switchgear provides system protection for electrical equipment on the power distribution network in these facilities. Its features are designed to provide safety, while simplifying operation, maintenance and minimizing installation cost.

Low-voltage power distribution

Siemens’ low-voltage switchgear, switchboards, panelboards and transformers are located in the electrical rooms powering the heart of the data center, such as its server rooms, as well as lighting, security and fire safety equipment. This low-voltage power distribution equipment ensures reliable, safe and energy-efficient power supply to data centers.

Fire detection

Protecting the sensitive infrastructure is a primary objective for data center operators. Siemens’ full suite of fire safety solutions equip data centers with fire detection, extinguishing and communication technology to address serious challenges such as high air velocity, complex air patterns and potential fire risks, from short circuits or overheating to ignition source electricity.

Lifecycle services

With a portfolio of more than 100 equipment-related services in six building categories, Siemens provides service programs tailored to meet specific data center needs throughout the lifecycle of the building. Through our Proven Outcomes model, we provide ongoing services at a high level of performance required to address data center demands in maximized reliability and uptime, increased energy efficiency and extended equipment lifecycles.

Portfolio Overview

The Direct Path to Highest Performance

Maximum uptime, highest efficiency and full scalability in a secure environment are key challenges of data center owners and operators worldwide. Explore Siemens’ comprehensive portfolio, integrated solutions and global services that help data center customers manage these challenges. Product availability differs in the United States and Europe.

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