Sustainable Energy

With solutions in the fields of electrification and automation, Siemens has the solutions to ensure a sustainable energy supply in the U.S.

Sustainable Energy
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Sustainable Energy in the U.S.

As the world faces increasing environmental and economic challenges, Siemens is helping the U.S. to achieve a sustainable energy supply.

A sustainable energy supply is efficient, affordable and clean – and America is making great strides toward a sustainable energy future by:

  • Extracting fuel safely to minimize environmental impact
  • Consuming fuel sources with increased efficiency
  • Diversifying fuel supply sources
  • Stimulating renewable energy development to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Deploying reliable distribution systems.

The U.S. is currently experiencing a rapid transformation of its energy landscape and public policy changes are helping to place emphasis on renewable power generation. In fact, wind power became the number one source of new electricity generation capacity in 2012.

Despite this, fossil fuels will continue to play an important role to balance out supply fluctuations from renewable sources, ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply. Americans have recently been consuming less fuel thanks to tougher fuel efficiency, lighting and building code standards.

In addition, America is importing less fuel to serve domestic demand, and is growing exports. Aging power plants are being upgraded with new technology that burns cleaner as the nation continues its transition from coal to natural gas.

The U.S.’s move toward greater energy self-sufficiency is an important catalyst for economic growth, security and currency stability. Siemens has been a trusted partner to energy companies across the U.S. through many energy transitions – and will continue to provide solutions to ensure a sustainable energy future.

Siemens supports energy customers across the operating lifecycle: planning, engineering, operations, maintenance and repowering – with solutions that range from:

  • Wind turbines and services to support renewable energy
  • Floating production, storage and off-loading (FPO) offshore platforms
  • Efficient fossil fuel power generation
  • Generators, turbines, motors, control, instrumentation and automation products
  • Long distance power transmission and distribution.

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