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Urban Mobility

Siemens is bringing new energy to the heart of cities.

Cities face common transportation challenges from congestion and air pollution to ineffective and outdated transportation infrastructure. Siemens is committed to delivering safe, reliable, efficient and customized mobility solutions, including:

  • Public transportation solutions such as light rail vehicles, streetcars, commuter trains and regional trains
  • Interconnected rail and road networks such as rail automation and railway electrification solutions
  • Road solutions such as traffic management systems

A Transportation Rebirth

From San Diego to Charlotte, Siemens’ customizable light rail vehicles and streetcars provide cities with choices to prepare for the future. Convenient transportation, reduced congestion, and faster commute times make downtown areas more accessible. By connecting communities, cities can thrive with new economic possibilities.

Improving mobility in Charlotte
By removing vehicles from the road, the S70 light rail can help cities reduce their CO2 emissions.

The city of Charlotte, North Carolina ordered sixteen S70 vehicles, which recently entered service. The S70 vehicles have proven popular with commuters, providing an eco-friendly alternative to automobiles, and freeing up the city’s congested roads.

Siemens is the market leader in light rail vehicles in North America, having built over 1,000 rail vehicles for 17 cities in the U.S. and Canada. The Siemens S70 light rail vehicle has the ability to replace six lanes of traffic.

Improving mobility in Charlotte
Sixteen Siemens S70 light rail vehicles are helping to relieve congestion in Charlotte

The Siemens streetcar utilizes the S70 super short light rail vehicle platform that provides easy, street level boarding for passengers of all ages and abilities. The streetcar can connect service with a full-scale S70 light rail system, linking city and region without the need to change trains.


Traffic Management

In addition to public transportation, the improvement of road infrastructure can ensure a smooth flow of traffic, reducing commuter times and making cities more liveable. The city of Houston, for example, turned to Siemens to improve its traffic infrastructure through upgrades on both traffic and pedestrian signals. The objectives included:

  • Replacement of 8 inch road signals with 12 inch signals, thus improving road safety for drivers
  • Lowering of utility costs by reducing the amount of electricity used annually
  • Installation of the latest LED technology for signal bulbs, to enhance efficiency and longevity

The Siemens solution guarantees $1.4 million in electricity savings and an additional $500,000 in annual operational savings over a period of ten years.


Communications Based Train Control

Communications Based Train Control is a new generation of train control systems that provides trains with high-performance onboard intelligence. This technology can substantially improve traffic and transport capacity in metro transit systems. This allows additional traffic by better utilizing existing infrastructure without compromising safety.

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